$GLD and $SLV Prices as of October 2 2017 @moneymetals

October 02, 2017 — With the notable exception of palladium, metals prices suffered again last week. Expectations grew for another Federal Reserve rate hike before year end and the U.S. dollar rallied a bit.

Stocks rose to new all-time highs, once again casting shade on safe-haven assets.

News out of Spain over the weekend could disrupt the current tranquil atmosphere in the markets. Catalonians voted heavily in favor of independence, despite the Spanish government’s heavy-handed effort to stop the referendum.

Reports indicate hundreds of people were injured as thuggish Spanish forces attempted to close polling places and put an end to protests. The Catalan regional government says it will declare independence from Spain within 48 hours.

Economic data scheduled for this week includes the key monthly report on employment due out Friday. The Trump tax proposal will take center stage in Washington DC. At this time, significant tax reform looks like a long shot given the divisions in the capital.

Check out live precious metals charts here:


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