One of the Reasons the Coin is so Popular is its Purity of “Four Nines” (.9999) Fine Silver

The standard in silver bullion is .999 fine. The Royal Canadian Mint has aimed beyond the industry standard.

The silver Maple Leaf is issued annually by the government of Canada and its Royal Canadian Mint. The coin has been produced in several special edition versions, graded “proof” versions, and commemoratives. Money Metals Exchange primarily sells the bullion original as this version is the most suitable for bullion investors because it offers the lowest premium.

The Maple’s legal tender value of 5 Canadian dollars also distinguishes it from its peers. Five dollars face value is much higher than the silver American Eagle, for example with carries a $1 US denomination. Of course, the coin’s melt value is far higher still and its actual value is based on its silver content. But it does provide some assurance to investors because its value can never be less than what has been stamped upon it.

In keeping with other Canadian coins in circulation since 1908, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf contains an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse. On the reverse side, Canada’s national symbol, the Maple Leaf can be seen, representing Canada’s identity (as it has since the early 18th century). The two images reflect Canada’s history and the coins have become a symbol of national pride.

Full mint tubes contain 25 coins, with a full mint box containing 20 tubes (500 coins). Maple “mint sealed” boxes are yellow in color.

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Originally Posted Here: One of the Reasons the Coin is so Popular is its Purity of “Four Nines” (.9999) Fine Silver


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