These Bars May be Ideal for Investors Who Want the Most Ounces for Their Money

There is no better way to get physical silver bullion this close to the spot market price!

But there are some things you need to know. These exchange-sized bars are not typically suitable for customers wanting to take delivery, for a number of reasons. Most dealers don’t want them in stock because they don’t often get customers looking for them. That means they will likely bid significantly less. They will also want to have these large bars melted and assayed, to be certain they are genuine and have not been tampered with. Whatever the investor saved, and then some, will be lost.

Not to mention these bars weigh approximately 70 lbs each! They are tough to handle, in addition to being difficult and expensive to ship.

Fortunately Money Metals can help investors avoid all of that hassle and expense. Buying from us and storing them inside the COMEX chain of custody is the key to making these low cost bars a great investment. And we make that easy to do via our accredited depository.

Buy them here:


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