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$GLD and $SLV Prices as of November 12 2018 @moneymetals

November 12, 2018 — Stock markets rallied following last week’s midterm elections and precious metals prices fell.

The idea of gridlock in Washington, the Congress split between Democrats and Republicans, was well received on Wall Street. Conventional asset markets have often done well when neither party has control and politicians are constrained.

By the end of the week, however, traders began to worry. The Federal Open Market Committee reiterated its commitment to raising interest rates, and watchers expect officials there to deliver the next hike following the December meeting.

The DOW lost 200 points Friday, and the NASDAQ was hit even harder in percentage terms, down 123 points on the day.

Oil prices have been in sharp decline over the past month. West Texas Intermediate crude has fallen 22% from its highs in early October and that also seems to be weighing on metals prices.

Check out live precious metals prices here:

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Precious Metals Investing Tips for Beginners

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These Rhodium Bars are a Great Upgrade

Buy Rhodium Bars

Money Metals Exchange proudly offers a 1 ounce Rhodium offer from Baird & Company located in London. These bars are .999 pure rhodium – the precious metal with perhaps the most explosive potential for price appreciation. Prices peaked near $10,000/ounce in 2008 and many expect the market may return to those levels next time there is a shortage of this extraordinarily rare and indispensable metal.

Like platinum and palladium, the primary application for rhodium is catalytic converters for cars and trucks. It is alloyed with platinum and palladium to enhance resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals. Jewelers and silver smiths also rhodium in thin layers to prevent tarnish to the underlying metal.

Rhodium in bar form is nearly impossible to find, but far superior to the more commonly available sponge form. Sponge will often need to be melted and assayed when re-sold. But Baird & Company bars in their original tamper proof package are trusted by dealers everywhere. Baird manufactures bars to the highest quality standards and has been building their reputation since 1967.

Rhodium bars for sale:

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1 Oz Indian Head Bars Are Lovely to Look at and Make Terrific, Low Cost Gifts

Each bar is minted from .999 pure copper, and clearly marked with weight and purity. They are manufactured right here in the USA by Osborne Mint – the nation’s oldest private mint.

Important Features:

  • Each bar contains 1 ADVP (avoirdupois) oz of .999 fine copper. This is “standard” weight rather than the “troy” weight used in gold and silver bullion.
  • The Morgan design is among the most familiar (and popular) in American coinage.
  • All bars are brand new and gleaming, made by the nation’s oldest private mint – Osborne Coinage.

Copper bars for sale:

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The Wolf – Issue #3 In The Predator Series from the Royal Canadian Mint

Get your Silver Wolf coins while they are available — these silver mint coins won’t last long:

  • It is the third issue in an exciting four-coin series showcasing Canadian predators.
  • The radial lines on the obverse and reverse, and a micro-engraved maple leaf with the year of issue ‘18’, provide enhanced security on this pure silver bullion coin for added peace of mind.
  • The design has been masterfully crafted by Royal Canadian Mint engravers using a variety of engraving techniques and finishes to bring depth and texture to this stunning image.
  • It will make a beautiful gift or collectible for those who love wildlife, natural images, original artwork, and Canadian themes.

Check out these silver coins here:


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Can You Invest With 5 Gram Gold Bars?

The gold price is currently near $1,300 per ounce and will only go higher over time if history is a guide. And if the US dollar should weaken dramatically, it will go a lot higher. One-ounce gold coins and bars are already difficult to afford for many people. That is why the popularity (and availability) of gold in smaller units is rising.

5-gram gold bars are a good example. These bars, the equivalent of just 0.16 troy ounces, cost a fraction of what a standard 1-oz bar does. That makes them accessible to investors with very modest budgets.

Some argue that in periods of very high demand for metal, smaller units may outperform by virtue of this broader appeal.

In any event, it makes sense to include a variety of sizes in any gold holding. When it is time to sell metal, the investor will be able to choose exactly the quantity needed. In the event metal is needed for barter and trade, having the right denomination to trade with may be important.

Buy Gold Bars:

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Belgian Gold 20 Franc Only 3.75% Over Melt Value

Belgian 20 Franc – one of the very well known 20 gold Franc coins containing .1867 ounces of actual gold weight. Only 3.75% over gold melt value, less than 10 available.

Since availability is quite limited, this item is available by phone only at 1-800-800-1865

Check out other specials:

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In Minutes, You Can Make a Solid Investment in Your Financial Future





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Low Premiums on U.S. Liberty Head 5 Dollar Gold Coins

Money Metals Exchange has long warned precious metals investors to steer clear of collectible coins and the enormous premiums their peddlers charge. The fact is that many historic real gold coins are not “collectible” – at least not in the sense that justifies paying prices way over their melt value.

But when the 5 dollar golden eagle coins are selling at prices which reflect their actual gold content, as is the case today, it’s certainly a good time to buy them.

While supplies last, Money Metals is offering super-low premiums on Pre 1933 coins $2.50, $5, $10, and $20 U.S. gold coins that have come back to market.

These 90% gold coins are historic, constitutional money that once circulated in America. One might consider these coins as the gold equivalent to “junk” silver, aka pre-1965 90% coin values, that are basically worth the melt value, silver dollars, quarters, or dimes. You can find junk silver coins for sale at Money Metals.

These coins may be in polished or cleaned condition and are NOT slabbed or graded. Some coins may have extensive wear. However, these coin values are based on the fact that they are gold.

Buy gold coins:

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Buy Iconic Mercury Dimes For Less

Adolph Weinman designed two of the US Mint’s most popular and beautiful coins. One was the “Walking Liberty” half dollar, and the other was the “Mercury” dime. The US mint produced these coins from 1916 – 1945 in 90% silver. Today these coins are popular with silver investors and coin collectors alike.

It will be a surprise to most people outside of the coin collecting community that the familiar profile wearing a winged helm on the coin’s obverse does not represent the Roman god Mercury. That mistaken assumption is so common the coin will forever be associated with the god of messengers. In fact, the image is of a young lady liberty wearing the Phryrgian (winged) cap.

Each Mercury dime contains 0.0715 ounces of actual silver which translates to 0.715 ounces for each dollar of face value (10 dimes). The coins are 90% silver and 10% copper, but buyers only pay for the silver content. The calculation used to determine the silver weight in any quantity of these coins excludes the copper.

These junk silver dimes for sale, cost a bit more than regular 90%, or “Junk”, silver dimes and quarters. But for fans of these coins, the modest additional premium may be well worth it.

Check it out:

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