When is the Best Time to Buy Precious Metals?

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Many investors who are thinking about buying gold and silver are waiting for the right time. But what exactly is the right time? The truth is that no particular date on the calendar will ever announce itself as the right time to buy. And no self-described market timer is capable of predicting when ideal entry points will emerge.

The Great Gold Robbery of 1933

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It's been [89] years since the federal government, on the spurious grounds of fighting the Great Depression, ordered the confiscation of all monetary gold from Americans, permitting trivial amounts for ornamental or industrial use.

FTX, The Rise and Fall of a Crypto Ponzi Scheme

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By now, you have heard about the FTX exchange bankruptcy. But you may be justifiably desensitized. Desensitized because the frequency of crypto disasters is at least yearly. This FTX crypto scandal is a next-level scandal reading like an over-the-top Hollywood film, a bizarre crypto con story ending badly.

FTX Collapse Reconfirms Bitcoin Is NOT “Digital Gold”

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John Ray III oversaw the bankruptcy liquidation of Enron when the giant energy trading firm collapsed in an inferno of fraud and malfeasance in 2001. Last week, Ray was appointed to handle the unwinding of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX . He had the following to say, and it's a lot given his experience.

Fed Postures, but Investors Think Rates Hikes Slowing

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As warning signs for the economy mount, investors are cheering for more bad news. That's because they expect economic weakness will force the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates and eventually re-embrace loose monetary policy. One reliable indicator over the years of an upcoming recession is an inverted yield curve. An inversion occurs when short-term interest rates rise above long-term rates.

Fiat Currency Overlords Are Feverishly Buying Gold

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In 1715, France was on the verge of collapsing. Taxes were raised to unprecedented levels to pay for war losses. France began defaulting on its outstanding debt. The French feared for the future and fled to gold and silver for shelter. While the French people turned to gold and silver, the French government turned to John Law to solve its problems. Law was a Scottish exile after killing a man in a duel.

Dan Oliver: Collapse of FTX portends the collapse of all the bubbles

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Mirmikan Capital's Dan Oliver today published a brilliant review of the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, showing how it is a metaphor for all the big financial frauds that preceded it from centuries ago to the present, where even the most imaginary assets can attract and then vaporize enormous wealth. Among Oliver's conclusions: "In addition to general lessons, the FTX saga has more immediate implications for investors. First, it is yet another signal that the COVID bubble is collapsing and at an accelerating pace. The COVID bubble rests atop the QE bubble, which sits on the shadow banking system bubble, which relies on the banking bubble, which depends on the currency bubble.

Wyoming & South Dakota Top 2023’s Sound Money Index

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Charlotte, NC (November 15, 2022) – Residents of Wyoming and South Dakota live in the most pro-sound money states in the U.S., according to the 2023 Sound Money Index released today. Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer, depository, and collateral lending institution, has again teamed up with the Sound Money Defense League, an influential public policy group, to produce this authoritative ranking.